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At the law offices of Chris Carouthers, we are committed to helping our clients in Cartersville to find lasting debt relief. Whether you are facing creditor collection calls or you are concerned about losing your home or car, we can explain your options and explore how bankruptcy can help. As your bankruptcy attorney, we will work diligently to ensure your bankruptcy case is resolved successfully. Our aim is to guide you through the process step by step while making sure your financial goals are achieved.

Put bankruptcy to work for you 

Bankruptcy is a legal tool that allows consumers to get rid of unwanted debt once and for all. It is effectively used to stop foreclosures, end repossessions, halt credit collection activities, and eliminate the majority of unsecured debt. There are many ways that chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to find genuine debt relief and freedom. 

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is beneficial to consult with a bankruptcy attorney who can provide accurate answers to your questions. At our law office, we will explain your options and answer any questions you have about filing for bankruptcy in Cartersville. We are dedicated to helping you find the best solutions to overwhelming debt so you can have a fresh start once again. Schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs and begin the process of rebuilding financial stability. 

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Contact our law office to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney today. Give us a call at (404) 692-5768 for immediate debt help.
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