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Costs For Exceptional Results

The interest of Chris Carouthers & Associates, LLC in your case begins with your FREE consultation. Get AFFORDABLE solutions to help during your difficult times by calling 404-634-9509. Costs and other items are as follows:

  • Chapter 7 filing fee is set at $306. The debtor must present credit counseling certificate.
  • Attorney's fees range in price depending on the complexity of your case. Our fees are moderate and will be discussed during your initial consultation. 
  • Chapter 13 filing fee is set at $281. Of that, $75 can be paid down to file in addition to the credit counseling fee. 
  • We can obtain credit reports. $30 for a single report or $50 for a joint report. Although this is not mandatory, we find that having a full and complete listing of your creditors is extremely helpful.
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